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6 Ways to Succeed As An Introvert

Wonder how to succeed as an introvert, below are 6 tips and tricks – strategies to help introverts have unlimited success in our extrovert world

1. Look Inward

Introverts have an ability to look into their own minds and evaluate how they have performed, in a way extraverts find very difficult.  As an introvert, you are able to examine your thinking patters, and where you have succeeded and failed in previous experiences.  This will give you the opportunity to come up with new ways to interpret and approach the world

2. Use your Strengths

As an introvert, it is quite likely you don’t have particularly fantastic social skills (though you might…  it isn’t certain introverts are bad socially), but you still have a vast number of strengths – strengths which extraverts may not have mastered.  A good guide to discovering what your key strengths are is the authentic happiness website, on which you can take the VIA survey of character strengths.  By focusing on using your strengths you can construct a life which supports the things you’re good at.

3. Find a Pet Extravert to Promote You

Extraverts are everywhere – they’re too-a-penny – all those annoying people who want to disturb you all the time.  You can use them to your advantage – because extraverts always want to talk and network, you ca give them something to talk about:  you.  Find yourself an extravert who knows you talents, and get them to sell you to everyone else.

4. Promote Yourself (in secret!)

Online nobody knows you’re an introvert.  By putting up websites which promote your skills, you can promote yourself without all that energy sapping networking.  As an introvert, you won’t mind spending time on your own tweaking the text to make google love you and respect you:  if you’re the top hit for a google search on a subject, then you are the expert.  If people find your CV first when they search for CVs in your field, then they’ll come to you. I currently find my CV as the top search result in my field and the calls from recruiters never stop (which can be draining in itself)

5. Learn

If you’re going to be spending time on your own, thinking and recharging, this is a perfect opportunity to read a book, or listen to a podcast that will teach you something new.  Introverts excel at self driven learning, and if offors you the opportunity to exceed your extravert peers

6. Act

Introverts find that they have to learn to behave in the weird, strange extravert world – and introverts know what goes on in peoples minds – often as a result they are actually more empathetic than extraverts.  Moreover, this means that introverts make fantastic actors.  Many of the hollywood greats are introverts, as are many starts in the music scene (after all, being a successful star requires huge self knowledge).  But even if the bright lights aren’t for you, your acting can be a fantastic talent – you can act when you give presentations, and when you stand up and speak in front of crowds.  A great way to start to learn to act is either a community acting group or – if that seems too scary – Toastmasters (who will we willing to encourage you and lead you into the world of public speaking at your own pace)