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“But My Content Is Boring…”

Its possible you’re thinking about your presentation and as far as you can tell, what you’ve got to say is boring.  At this point, may I suggest you go back and check that

You know the message you want your audience to take home?

You have identified a conclusion?

You’ve found (or invented a person) to be your hero?

You’ve found some challenges for your hero to come across?

If so, then you probably already have a presentation which is less boring than most. Don’t worry about it being boring – work through the rest of these articles on presentations, and you’ll be fine.

The people remaining, who think their presentation is boring tend to be people who haven’t identified a hero.  Lets look at why this happens:

“My presentation is all about facts and figures”

Let me tell you something:  No one cares about facts and figures.  Firstly, people don’t really understand numbers (thats why whenever the news talks about sizes and distances, they always say things like “An area of rainforest the size of belgium” or “a depth equal to 500 double decker busses” or “enough soup to fill 10 olympic swimming pools”).  Secondly, even when people understand the size of the numbers you are talking about, they don’t care about the numbers, they care about what the numbers mean.

So if you’re reporting a 10% growth in profits, don’t just say that – tell people how much of a bonus they’ll be taking home – or, even better, tell people the stories about the key things that made this growth in profits happen.  If you’re talking about domestic violence, don’t tell us the number of women who suffer it – tell us how likely it is that someone suffering from domestic violence lives in our street.  And tell us the story of what someone can do about it.

Everything becomes interesting when you can build a story about it, and when you can help people relate to what you’re saying.

If your content is boring, pick a hero.  Any hero.  Pick someone affected by these numbers, or someone who was responsible for finding the numbers.  Tell us how they did it.  Teach us something we don’t know.