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An edited and revised book on public speaking for introverts based on the articles from this site

How to Gain More Confidence

Confidence is an important life skill.  Confidence is useful in business, and sexy in the bedroom.  Moreover, confidence is something that can be increased.  if you want to feel more confident, look more confident or be more confident you’ll find out how to do it here.


Are you an introvert?  A reason for lacking confidence is being an introvert, but being introverted doesn’t mean you have to lack confidence.  You might not be able to overcome being an introvert, but you can learn how to handle your introversion, and turn it to your advantage.


Are you shy?  Shyness is conquerable.  There are a wealth of resources which can take you from being that mouse in the corner of a room, to the life and soul of a party.


Do you fear speaking in public.  Do you hate the idea of giving presentations – or are you simply worried that you’ll have to make a best man’s speech and don’t know where to begin.  Relax.  Speaking in public is a skill – a skill that very few people have, and one its possible to become very good at public speaking in a very short time.  By blowing your audience away it is possible to change from fearing public speaking to being a presentation superstar.


Do you need to improve your business skills?  Is your networking lacking?  Do you need to close more sales?  Perhaps you’re lacking that x-factor – or that Obama or Clinton factor.  Well researched tips and tricks can help you skyrocket your career forwards.

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